Re: MDM Country outline offset

Hugh Marnoch

Thanks David, the offset is not huge, hopefully things will settle
down once the satellite has been shunted. I curently only take the hrv
and fsd data so noticed the difference.

--- In, "David Taylor" <david-taylor@b...>

Right now the overlays for channels 1..11 seem to match very well.
Channel 12 is a few pixels off, but this is likely due to the
orbital respositioning being carried out at the moment. From the
regular reports:

"Activities planned for week 05:

MSG-1 drift stop manoeuvre will take place on the 27/01/04. There
may be some degradation to the images during the manoeuvre, users
will be informed of the impact during the relocation period."

If the HRV image is grossly out, you don't have the Centre HRV
window checked (Setup, Advanced).


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