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Vincenzo Mone

Hi Ian,

yes it was the Firewall.

Disabled it and it went pink.

Thanks for your help

73 de Enzo IK8OZV

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Vincenzo, reading your mail I am assuming you are using the Technisat PCI
card. The most likely cause for a yellow "T" is a firewall issue.
Disable the firewall ( Windows or third party ) and see if that resolves the


If that works remember to enable the firewall again with the appropriate


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Hi Folks,
I am trying to setup my new Windows 7 64 Bit PC.
Installed the Drivers Card.
Installed and set the Setup4C to receive EuroBird 9.
I get the icon Green.
Installed then the EKU Software and the Tellicast software but when I run it
I get the Icon Stucked on Yellow.
Have made all the settings as described on David's website about
The Network configuration.
Please what am I missing?
Thanks in advance.

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