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Tony EI8JK

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Hi David.

No I'm not sure I have the dish correctly pointed, that was the gist my
question ... is it possible to get an on screen signal strength with those
parameters from Hotbird ?

If you can, then I'm probably on Hotbird and need to play with the dish some
If you can't then I can lock the dish and look for the problem indoors.

73, Tony.

With an 85 cm dish here in Scotland, and one I suspect isn't 100% correctly
aligned, I get 65% quality and 8.5 dB (varying) SNR. That's on a SkyStar
2.6D card on a Windows XP PC, 4.4.1 drivers. Signal strength graph here:

You may be nearer the edge of the footprint, and/or have a poorer alignment,
and your figures don't then seem unreasonable. In southern England I would
expect higher. Sometimes the network name does come up blank, so that's no
indication. If you are using a DVB World USB box with 64-bit drivers, there
are other issues which appear to allow video through but not data, hence my
question about which receiver and operating system you have.

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Sorry David, I didn't pose my question very well. I wondered if the signal strength/quality is derived from the digital stream as I note that the Hotbird digital stream on 11977 MHz is a different symbol rate & FEC.

I have an 80cm dish to a Skystar 2 internal card and Eumetcast V4 software.
PC is a 2.6 GHz Celeron running XP SP3 and I'm in IO51dn

I haven't tried video as I didn't load the TV software, but I suppose that would immediately tell me which satellite I'm on. I'll maybe try that later.

73, Tony

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