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Yes checked them. Used the recommended one but it made no difference.
Eumetsat were unable to help.
I have commented to GEO that their web ad implies the DVBS2HD works for Eumetcast, whereas the ad in the quarterly magazine states it does not.
I have a use for the DVBS2HD as a TV receiver which is an excellent product...I was hoping to kill two birds with one stone...hey ho.
I suspect it filters out pure 'data' channels and presents only TV and Radio.
I await the arrival of a DVBS box.
Meanwhile back to old system for a while...


I'm sure that someone /has/ used the S2 box with EUMETCast without problems, but it's possible that this is slightly different hardware to what has been tested before. David Simmons may be able to test the current batch.

The issue of "working"/"not working" is this. At some point in the future, likely into 2014, EUMETSAT will change to a new broadcast standard for EUMETCast, which will likely require the purchase of a new DVB box or card capable of handling variable and adaptive coding (VCM and ACM). Such boxes will also be HDTV/S2 compatible, but it is not yet clear whether all "S2" boxes will eventually have the necessary VCM & ACM. EUMETSAT tests in September last year indicated that /no/ consumer-level boxes had the necessary capability. David Simmons has located one box which does, but it is a professional level item:

at a professional level price (�170+). I've tried this box very briefly on 2-bit Win-7, and it does work OK for the current EUMETCast broadcasts, and it /should/ work in the future as well. David S is testing it further at the moment.

GEO did not want to give anyone the impression that buying the DVB World S2 box right now would guarantee operation with the future EUMETCast VCM/ACM standard, hence the wording.

From previous experience, I expect that the DVB World S2 box would work perfectly with a 32-bit version of Windows.

Hope that helps.

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