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I have sent all the relevant data to OPS.

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David, your Windows 8 test box (presumably Dexatek/ DVBWorld) I assume is
running on Windows 8 32-bit.

I have spent ages trying to get my Dexatek box to run on Windows 8 64 bit
without success. It is the old drivers (2007/2008) which are needed for
Windows 7 64 bit which are not working.

I like Windows 8, but unfortunately using the 64-bit version on my 1
computer set-up I am finding the results disappointing with my SkyStar card
and Technisat HD USB box. I am reverting back to Windows 7 64-bit probably
at the weekend possibly with a new SSD running everything (interesting !!! )


Yes, Ian, the notebook on;y has 2 GB memory (and that's maxed out, it came
with 1 GB), so I felt that the 32-bit OS was more appropriate than the
64-bit OS. I do have a DVB World box working on PC Alta running Win-7/64.
Your notes on driver choice helped:

Perhaps these may relate to John's problem.

I'm surprised by your comment on the TechniSat USB HD box - I've tried the
earlier USB 2 box (on Vista-32) and it seemed to work correctly. In what
respect are your results "disappointing"?

Without a touch-screen, I am struggling to see any advantage in Windows-8,
so I would welcome your observations there, but perhaps it should be a new

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