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Ian Deans

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I'm surprised by your comment on the TechniSat USB HD box - I've tried the
earlier USB 2 box (on Vista-32) and it seemed to work correctly. In what
respect are your results "disappointing"?

Without a touch-screen, I am struggling to see any advantage in Windows-8,
so I would welcome your observations there, but perhaps it should be a new


I am maybe being a little unfair with the Technisat HD USB Box as there are two unknowns ---- a new untried box on a new beta operating system and Technisat windows 8 drivers not yet available.

My losses are fairly minor but I am seeing high figures for Missed and recovered packets. However I did try the Technisat box on Windows 7 for about 2 hours and although that is a very short period there was signs of missed and recovered packets, something I never saw with my Dexatek box or old SkyStar PCI card.

When I go back to Windows 7 64-bit I will be able to give it a good test.

I will make comment on Windows 8 later as I am just on the way out.


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