Re: KNC-One DVB-S card, experiences?

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Just checked 59 Euros, but full backlog - and, what
to be worse, they mention "new revision". That reminds me of the
discussion here on problems with new drivers etc.
I have both a 2.3 and a 2.6B card, and they don't differ much, IMHO.
Both support the 4.2.2 drivers, which are recommended, as the
feedback on the 4.2.8 release was mixed. I kept the old ones.

I have just noticed on another good german web shop I used in the

that they mention Skystar2 2.6C... wondering what the difference is
on this new hardware release.

They carry the KNC One for 82 Euros, so my local dealer seems to be
pretty well off...
DVBshop has the Skystar2 in stock at 59.90... ;-)

Bye, Luca

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