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Hi James
thank you for the info...will be using ftp for a while to get used to using the software.

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Hi All
info required
on the reception PC what size Hard drive be best to start on new station
On the processor PC again best size Hard Drive
Hello Peter,

It's not just size that counts! It's disk access times and buffer if you
are not running a RAM drive. As David has said elsewhere a disk with
less than 100GB is quite satisfactory under most conditions if you have
a two computer set-up and are not planning to leave data unprocessed..

As to the processing side - how long is a piece of string? - How much
data do you want to archive or keep for periods. It all depends on how
much data you are accessing and processing. You could easily get 10Gb a
day of data with the basics for example. Then again you may want to
store other files created by some of the imaging software, albeit these
will be of lesser size.

Also make sure you have the appropriate file retention settings in the
data managers to ensure you don't use up all the space on a disk!

James Brown

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