Re: KNC-One DVB-S card, experiences?

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Hallo Ulli,

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My favorite PC dealer offers the KNC-One DVB-S card for 79 euros,
which seems to be a good offer.

Is there anybody here except for my friend Klaus who has this card

Or any other experiences with non-SkyStar-cards?
I have successfully used the Hauppauge WinTV Nova, which seems to be
quite similar to the KNC1 card you'd like to buy; infact the drivers work pretty much the same way on either hardware,
I just checked the documentation.

I ran the WinTV Nova under Win2000 and Linux, and never had any
trouble. I have to say I used it only for a short period of time
though, but long enough to notice if anything strange would happen.

FYI, Computer Universe (german online shop) seems to have the
SkyStar2 PCI for 58 Euros + shipping, though it looks like they are
backordered now and will receive stock in 10 days. You can check:

and search for "Technisat".

I have bought other things from this shop in the past and their
service is excellent; very nice website too.

Tschuss, Luca

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