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James Brown

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Dear all,

I'm new on this group.
I am trying to receive MSG1 and MSG2 data with the Eumetcast system.

The system work normally (the satellite signal is ok, the tellicast icon is white and pink), and I receive data normally till a certain time (sometimes short (2 minutes), sometimes longer (2 hours, one day,etc.)).

After this point, the number of missed packets before FEC increase (2000, 5000, etc.) as the FEC recovered packets (20, 100, etc.) but the number of FEC recovered packets is far below the number of missed packets. And then at one point the system stop working.
Hello Caroline,

I agree with what David has written - I use to have the dish at ground level and occasionally when we needed to move in front we of course got the missed packets.

This may well be the major cause - specially if then there is a backlog of data with errors.

I use one of David's nifty little programmes - Trimtree - which allows you to look at a directory and specify data which is older than a prescribed date and the prog will then remove it. You could run this using Windows scheduler - say every hour for data older than an hour, unless you are only processing data a couple of times a day.


I also use a RAM drive and use the clean out to remove files that may have become occasionally orphaned through data corruption.

Hope that helps if the problem is not the card.

James Brown

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