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Dear all,

I'm new on this group.
I am trying to receive MSG1 and MSG2 data with the Eumetcast system.

The system work normally (the satellite signal is ok, the tellicast icon is white and pink), and I receive data normally till a certain time (sometimes short (2 minutes), sometimes longer (2 hours, one day,etc.)).

After this point, the number of missed packets before FEC increase (2000, 5000, etc.) as the FEC recovered packets (20, 100, etc.) but the number of FEC recovered packets is far below the number of missed packets. And then at one point the system stop working. There is no more data channels available. The satellite signal is still ok and so is the tellicast icon, but no more data is acquired. I have to shut down and restart the computer to have new data.

I mailed the OPS and they told me my DVB card is not the one recommended as it is Skystar S2 and not Skystar 2 TV PCI.

Has anyone had the same problem as I have ? I should specify that I'm on windows 7.

I should specifie that I am near an airport, that sometimes people may pass in front of the satellite dish, and that a crane is far enough, but in the axe of the satellite dish for some time, and that all of it might disrupt the signal.

Best regards



You will find some recommendations on my Web site, but the first two suggestions are:

1 - make sure you have split down the received data into different channels with different directories, by removing the wildcard [*] entry, for example:

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 2]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 2

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 3]
target_directory=received\Data Channel 3

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 5]

[EUMETSAT Data Channel 6]

Only have entries for the data you need to receive - start small and build upwards. Keep a separate entry for the MSG-1 Rapid-Scan (RSS) data.

2 - put the EUMETCast temporary files on a RAMdisk, as described here:

This requires installing RAMdisk software, and editing the recv.ini file, and restarting TelliCast.

I can't comment on the card being correct or not - so I hope someone else can help.

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