Re: Lot of missing segments (Windows 7)

Alan Banks <alan@...>

Just another thought.
Have you turned off system restore and reduced your pagefile size? I gather that this can be rather large even if one has a lot of RAM. Mine is 12Gb (close to minimum recommended on my system) on system disc only. I use another disc for Tellicast and data. This seems contrary to 32 bit systems where more seems to be better.
I have a Win 7 64 bit system and DVB World USB box with nearly lossless reception of MET 9, Met 7, FSB, Metop AVHRR and Modis. I also process using two instances of MSG DM, Animator and Modis L1 on the same PC. Even weekly intense defragging causes no losses.
Lossless Win7 Rx is possible - honest! The occasional heavy downpour or pidgeon on the LNB arm notwithstanding.

On 11/07/2012 16:05, Daniel wrote:

I am trying to set up my new EUMETCast reception PC under Windows 7 and I am having a lot of missing segments.

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