Crash, beep - to continue

Lawrence <lawrence@...>

Sunday saw some progress. My receive computer was unstable until I got
it to boot into DOS using an old Win-ME disk. Then I got it to boot
into XP. It remained stable during Sunday though I powered it off
during an extended outing. Previously it had twice crashed from DOS.

Evening time I restarted T- software after the computer had remained
stable. I had deleted the various files referred to in the various bits
of advice - thanks to everyone for these pointers. By late evening it
was running better than ever before, with no missing segments since

This morning (Monday) all remains well.

I shall carefully analyse the file contents as per David T's suggestions
and will install the recovery console. I feel quite confident about
doing recovery analysis but I always think that sharing bad experiences
can bring forward suggestions that one doesn't know about, or had long
since forgotten.

Peter B kindly pointed me a web site that lists the beep signals;
although I originally know every one of these personally (!), I had long
forgotten the continuous beep signal - duff motherboard.

Thanks to everyone.

Lawrence Harris

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