Re: Admin MSG 24/01/04 08:45

Peter Benney <tugboat@...>

I didn't get any missing segments yesterday (at least, not on both
PCs), so that must be a local problem.

This was posted on Saturday morning (1102) when there were some problems between 0045 to 0145. I was getting late segment reports up to the 1545 cycle but no missing

Yesterday afternnon I had an application popup error for tqrecv.exe. "Application failed to initialise properly" There were four tqrecv icons in the task bar one of which was red. The log was reporting wrong interface address. This resulted in "Lost channel" and "Missing file" reports and of course many lost segments. This is the second time I have seen this behaviour and wonder if it may be something to do with DHCP on the network router
interfering with the B2C2 connection. Will check when leases were renewed.





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