Re: Windows7 and my data cards not compatable?

Esko Petaja

Hello Kobus
I have this card in DBV-S. (Similar serie)
I have not found drivers for W7. It work very well in XP .
I have used it for Envisat and Eumetsat.

Best regards

Esko Petäjä

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Hi All
I never thought that I will have to ask this question- I should have know this- but I don't! I am in the process to upgrade my computers- now with Windows 7 and lots of ram. But I just can't install the drivers for my Broadlogic aba 2030 data cards. Are these not compatable? I am on the C Band in South Africa. I believe that somebody will know- it seems to be that I am still the only person in the whole Africa on this system- so nobody to ask. I don't see anything on the website of Eumetsat. Might be that these cards are no more available. Eumetsat recommended these cards in the very beginning- mine is now working for eight years. I just can't believe that I must change now to something different- and where will I get it.
Have a nice day- Kobus Botha- South Africa

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