Re: Crash, beep beep!


--- In, Lawrence <lawrence@a...> wrote:
My MSG-1 receive computer went crash and let out a series of beeps on
Friday evening, and remained uncooperative on Saturday. I use an
1800MHz machine for receive only, and a separate computer for decoding.
On Friday, the receive computer suddenly crashed with a peculiar error
message about a file, but it was too short-lived for me to see exactly
what had happened. It refused to boot (I use XP Pro), producing a
stream of meaningless messages.

I had some difficulty in booting into DOS because it seemed unable to
read the FD, but eventually I found a Win-ME start disk that it
accepted. The DOS allowed me to confirm that everything was intact - no
HD failure. I then rebooted normally into Windows. Within seconds the
crash occurred and again with the same continuous series of beeps.

As of Sunday, I have been able to identify that the problem is almost
certainly a file in the Tellique software, but I don't know which one.
The errors displayed under DOS only show a limited number of characters
so I know that it is in the Tellique directory.

I was able to show that the computer can sit under DOS and remain
stable. Under Windows, despite doing nothing, it crashes again after
being left on without doing anything.

I am continuing to investigate this. At worst, I shall re-format the HD
and re-install the OS.

I wonder what Tellique file error can have such an effect?



Recently I received from Eumetsat an email about possible problems due
to abnormal size growing of .FSY files in the Tellique receiving&#92;tmp
directory. They said to stop Tellique software, remove the .FSY files
then restart. In my case, the files were big, around 200 MB. Now it's
OK, (7 MB)

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