Re: Problems with SkyStar card

Roger Mawhinney <roger@...>

I had a series of problems - even got Dave to replace / repair the Skystar
card! When returned by Dave it worked immediately - however when I decide
to reinstall (with Tellique's software) it would only receive the
Announcement Channel. Douglas Dean's suggestion about adding the extra PIDs
for HRIT and LRIT sorted it out and it now seems to work fine. Probably
some Windows Registry screw up on the re-install routines.

Summary, there are faulty cards about, but don't rely on SkyStar /
Tellique's software either, especially if you have tried to re-install a
number of times. I fully endorse the view on a FAQ - collective experience
may well help the unfortunate "Timestep 3".


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|Then again I'm using an Abit KT7 and a Duron 800 with no
|problems since installation about mid May. I'm convinced there
|are some duff cards around. Wrong type of glue as per Fujitsu drives ?
|Regards, Guy
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