Re: Signal level on the skystar2


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Not that I suggest updating to this new driver !
Although it could work perfectly (Technisat won't release a Beta),
the additional requirements (directx9, Mediaplayer9, IE6) will
undoubtedly lower your system performance considerably !

If you don't have problems with 4.2.2 (or 4.2.2b), just leave it, we
only use a very small part of the SkyStar programs.

Arne van Belle

Your advice seems to be supported by several users who have updated and
reverted back to the previous version of the SkyStar software.
I feel I should almost apologise for notifying users of the update.

Looking at the update information sent to me, as you say, very little of the
software facilities included are actually used by EUMETCast downloaders.
I have made this point to TechniSat.

John Tellick.

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