Re: VNC-aided (toroidal) dish-pointing?

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Finding the correct elevation is also a bit tricky on this dish -
there is hardly a usable reference plain.

Interested people will have noticed that the signal strength jumped up from
72 to 88 % here tonight. I set the dish completely new. Using VNC to
monitor the signal strength on the receiver made it really easy.

That's the good news.

The lesser good ones are:

a) the final elevation differs significantly from the Satlex -figure (rather 26
than the computed 28°) I used an angle template fixed to the upper oblique
plane of the dishholder and a laser level drawing a true vertical line.

My setup consists of three LNBs - one for Eumetsat, taking place at the
zero-position of the toroidal dish (90 cm Wavefrontier), and one for Hotbird 6
@ 13.0 E and one for Astra @ 19.2 E.

While the EB9 LNB is place optimally now, the two other LNBs receive a
very weak signal. I used this

to find the LNB positions on the arc. With the lower elevation for EB9, it
seems that the dish looks at a direction a wee bit below the TV birds,
although, according to the Satlex table, the vertical error should be only
0.52° for Astra.

Slightly off topic, as far as the DVBs sources are concerned, but I do not
want to compromise the EB9 signal - although I saw that 88% was the
constant maximum showing over quite an elevation angle.

Where to tweak now? I don't want to mess up the setup by intuitively
changing several parameters.

Is it correct to enter the coordinates as decimal fraction numbers? Both
Google Earth and my GPS receiver agree on the position.

Thanks for good advices!


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