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Hugh Marnoch <marnoch@...>

Is it possible that the problems with the card are linked to the mobo/chipset?
I think the card requires a lot of power from the mobo and if the chipset can't deliver then there are problems. I have no basis in fact for this except that I had an adsl modem (usb) that just would not work with my then abit kt7 mobo as the via chipset could not deliver enough power.
For myself the skystar card has been flawless in my original machine and in the upgraded machine it is in now. My only problem was man (me) made and was sorted quickly.


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On 16/09/2003 at 17:50 John Parkins wrote:

Hello Dave,

You have to remember Dave just because you have only sold 100 that
doesn't represent the total world wide sale of these cards. There are
far more people than you suggest who are having problems with this
card, not only on various Yahoo list but also on usenet and other
forums there have been complaint after complaint. Remember this card
is not only used for the purpose we want it for.

You have to admit a slightly bias view of things, after all you are
trying to sell them but then I'm a professional computer engineer and
so far, admittedly with the same card, I score 2 out of 4 for semi
successful installations.

Even the manufacturer admits to there being problems with some
chipsets. So yes it might be as easy as following a few easy
instructions, but then again it might not be.

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T> There are about 3 people on all lists who cannot get their system
T> this leaves about 97 who have ! You must follow the instructions.

T> In common with a lot of plug and play devices, if you move the card you
T> have problems.

T> David, any idea of the total number of downloads of your software ?

T> Regards

T> Dave

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