Re: How to set the video folder(s) in MSG-Animation Manager?

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Thanks for your response. Just thinking: you are using the current
version of Animator? Until not long ago, you could choose to use
24-bit animations, which seriously loaded the disk, but with 8-bits, I
don't see any problems. However, I only set my favourite half-dozen
animations to update automatically, the rest I do manually when I want
to see them (say once a week, or if some special weather demands it).

thanks again. Yes, I just updated everything a few weeks ago. Moving the
video files from the ever-busy drive C_ to their own disk, dedicated only to
satellite images, improved things quite a bit already.
My "viewing policy" seems to resembls yours pretty much, just about 10
various sequences updated permanently.

One thing I'd like to suggest again: An option to daisy-chain the sequences
in an endless loop - instead of or addidtional to the fixed intervalls (I don't
use that normally).

And a question: I wanted to make a new sequence: whole disk, visible, 24
hours - but from 00:00 to 23:59 yesterday. The combination of today only
and 24 hrs delay does not work - for some logical reasons. Is there a way to
do that in Animator? In other words: variable start dates / times beyond the
time given by the maximum frame count would als be nice - to animate a
special event in the past or so... - I know it is possible with GeoSatSignal,
but not that 'ad hoc'.


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