How to set the video folder(s) in MSG-Animation Manager?

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Just augmented my receiver with a 24/7-specified 1 TB disk - which seems
to be faster than the previously used one. AT least, it has more space on it.
I copied the contents of the old disk, now "E:" to the new F". The transfer
can nicely be seen in the diskspace graph on

It was a copy, not a move! About 280 MB to be copied.

The event now visible in the two-day-graph will vanish within 24 hours, then
you see it in denser time scale when you click on the graph.

Now, I also added such a heavy-duty-disk in my viewing machine. I see that
the video animations, stressing the disks probably with the highest impact, is
presently stored on c:/ in the users department. I'd like to see an option to
distribute the videos freely on other physical drives.

David, is there any chance to set the folders where the animations are
stored and read from, individually in a dialogue in the setup window? Not
necessarily before the Leicester meeting, but somewhen, maybe? :)

What do others think?


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