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Ap van Weeren

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Hello ,
Got today a yellow icon insteda of purple, couldn't
finf the cause.Uninstalled/installed the Tellique
software still the same, during the installation a
message abt userkey.ini, in the logfile teh following:

ERR:2004-01-16 13:11:38.890:Cannot start HTTP server
at port 2517 on all interfaces: (Address already in
The seems to imply that the Tellique software was already running
the time. I can't think of anything else that would try to
Web server on port 2517.

What can be the case. Any help appreciated.
Cheers, Ap van Weeren
Does that make any sense, Ap?

The most frequent cause of the problem that I have heard is that
somehow the network address of the DVB card becomes incorrect.
for a newtwork device with B2C2 Broadband Receiver in the name,
check it is set to:

David, I checked the network device, is ok, setup4Pc also, in the
HTMLshell I see this under License:

tq®-TELLICAST Server License:
Server Address:
not yet received
License Class: not yet received
OEM License: not yet received
MSG:2004-01-16 21:00:38.359:Watchdog starting... [2952]
MSG:2004-01-16 21:00:38.359:Watchdog started [2952].
MSG:2004-01-16 21:00:38.640:Starting new child...
MSG:2004-01-16 21:00:38.640:Started new child [3528].
I installed again the, and that sounded good but the
yellow T remains.
Any idea, as always mni tks, gr,
not yet received
The last part in the log file gives this:

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