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What will be of interest is whether the new Visa option will be available
the time we receive our invoices. Let's hope so as it would make payment
very much easier and of course no bank charges.


Ian and All,

I had a long chat with EUMETSAT this afternoon and I have some 'good' news
and some bad news (if you live in Germany).

The 'good' news is that facilities are just about in place at EUMETSAT to
accept credit card payments and they hope to be up and running by the end of
So, no more bank charges.

Only EUMETSAT will be issuing the EKU and payment will be to them so the C/C
facility will be most welcome.
Also, of course, for those not yet registered for EUMETCast you will be able
to obtain the TELLICAST software and the EKU from EUMETSAT with your credit

Now the bad news. I have reported several times that some European Met.
Offices may charge a handling fee for issuing the MSG Data Access Licenses.
I understand that the German Met. Office DWD (currently) will charge 130 Euro
to issue licenses in Germany and that they will only be valid for a year [UK
licenses valid 3 years].

I'd be interested to hear from Arne how long the Dutch licenses are valid and
from users in other member states if they have been charged and how long
their licenses are valid.

It seems we might have to do a little bit more persuading?

John Tellick.

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