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So it looks like ECOMET could have somehow been another interface to
exploit in order to have a general European license for amateur MSG-1
reception (since there would be no fee associated).

Does anyone more about this effort? John maybe?

Bye, Luca
Brussels, Belgium

Thanks for the information.

No, I had not heard of ECOMET but at the 2002 EUMETSAT Conference in Dublin
there was talk about more co-operation between Met. Offices in the future as
there will be a vast increase in the amount of data being sent from the new
series and number of environmental satellites to be launched in the not too
distant future.
So much data that one processing station couldn't possibly keep up not to
mention forecasters, etc. actually digesting all the data and producing models.

It was envisaged that perhaps various countries Met. Offices would deal with
one particular aspect of meteorology and then all the processed information
would come together from the various processing sources.

I'm not sure if this is the thinking behind ECOMET?

I'll see if I can find out more.

John Tellick.

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