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Thanks for that David. The reason I ask is that I recent bought two Neoware CA5 thin clients for £4 each and with the addition of a laptop hard drive and a SODIMM card they now run a respectable XP. As they only consume 15W they would be a suitable client to leave on 24/7 for Eumetcast receive without breaking the bank.

Cheers, Guy
Well, Guy, you can't complain about the price!

But as a laptop disk is likely to be slow and have a small cache, you are more likely than not to be relying on RAM to provide sufficient performance (depending exactly what you had in mind, of course, i.e. how much data). With such a slow processor (200MHz) and 256MB max memory, I would be surprised if they worked at all well. Remember from the GEO Quarterly article that the Intel Atom systems were typically fitted with 4GB of memory.

Would make a nice APT receiver, though, if it wasn't missing the sound facilities. It /does/ have a serial port, so you could use it as a precision time source for your station, with a suitable GPS puck and FreeBSD (or Windows XP).

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