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Thanks for that David. The reason I ask is that I recent bought two Neoware CA5 thin clients for £4 each and with the addition of a laptop hard drive and a SODIMM card they now run a respectable XP. As they only consume 15W they would be a suitable client to leave on 24/7 for Eumetcast receive without breaking the bank.

Cheers, Guy

From: David J Taylor
Sent: Tuesday, March 22, 2011 11:19 AM
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Subject: Re: [MSG-1] new tellique


Whats happened to the new version of Tellique that doesn't need a

It seems to have gone a bit quiet following the initial excitement.

Cheers, Guy

During testing, we discovered a number of problems, and further small
issues have arisen since for those of us who continued to use the client.
For example, if a file takes more than about an hour to send, it may be
lost. Therefore EUMETSAT are not going to release that version (2.5.17),
but are going to look at 2.6. I hope we will get the chance to test
before public release once again.

It might be a topic to ask during GEO's next visit to Darmstadt - I hope
you've booked!

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