Re: not yet perfect, but...

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Von: "ernstlobsiger" <ernst.lobsiger@...>
Datum: Tue, 22 Mar 2011 11:53:10 -0000

Have you read and followed the README.txt?

hard to admit - but your .cmd file (yes, 0.91) looked so self-explanatory that I
did never look again at the content of the zip package. May I suggest that
you place an advice in capital letters on the top rows to also read the
readme.txt? There is so much more of information in it - and I found out
what I needed - what to write into the command line of the desktop link and
in the scheduled tasks entry. I did not try it in the DOS window again yet, but
will do so at a later time.

Thanks, and may I suggest to all those who, like me until now, were not
aware of the improvement potential of their systems that they take a closer
look at the recv.log content. I am sure I am not the only one who could
benefit from the whole repair and restructuring.

BTW, I just installed sdfrag 2.0, and it performs its initial work. That's a part
of the explanation for the presently visible missed packets peaks.

Thanks again to you, Ernst, problem solved for the time being.


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