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I pushed your recv.log through TClogSummary.
please allow me to come back to this point. I have installed your
TClogSummary program, and it works perfectly in manual mode, where I
have to enter the present date by hand. I tried it with the today parameter,
but TClS ignores it - no matter if I enter that manually in a DOS box or if I
write it into the scheduled tasks manager or just into a desktop link,
hyphenated, not hyphenated...
With the intense help of David and Arne, I am pretty close to zero missed
packets now - single, odd events yet to be analyzed. A detailled report will
follow here soon. You can see the latest status here:

The cluster of missed packets yesterday afternoon was due to some manual
stops and restarts of Tellicast.

Some improvement over the status two weeks ago, I'd say.

TIA and cheers,


Are you talking about Version 0.91?
Have you read and followed the README.txt?
Have you set the path to your recv.log files?
What is the output from TClogSummary today ?

Interactive mode also works with today's data
when you just hit away the myDate question.

Please look at and publish the TClogDebug.log file!


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