Ap van Weeren

Hello ,
Got today a yellow icon insteda of purple, couldn't
finf the cause.Uninstalled/installed the Tellique
software still the same, during the installation a
message abt userkey.ini, in the logfile teh following:

ERR:2004-01-16 13:11:38.890:Cannot start HTTP server
at port 2517 on all interfaces: (Address already in
ERR:2004-01-16 13:11:38.890:An error occurred while
starting tqrecv.exe. Shutting down!
MSG:2004-01-16 13:11:38.890:tqrecv.exe shutting
down... [4028]
MSG:2004-01-16 13:11:39.312:tqrecv.exe stopped [4028].
MSG:2004-01-16 13:14:36.765:Child quits properly.
Shutting down.
MSG:2004-01-16 13:14:36.765:Watchdog shutting down...
MSG:2004-01-16 13:14:36.765:Watchdog stopped [736].
What can be the case. Any help appreciated.
Cheers, Ap van Weeren

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