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Ulrich G. Kliegis

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Just to check, you /do/ have a tmp_directory entry in your


pointing to the same partition as all the other receive
How could this box run for years without the tmp definition in the
parameters section - don't ask me why, when, how, this recv.ini file
was ported from installation to installation... At least, there was
no tmp_directory entry.
Yes, it may be that you need to add this entry by hand.

Hmm, Alan Sewards says it is not necessary since the pointers are in the
recv-channels.ini file.

I don't dare to ask, who's right, but rather, what is recommended?


[EUMETSAT Data Channel 2]

You are correct that with the data on different disks, one common entry in
recv.ini would not provide the best solution. By the way: I hope that is
two different physical disks, otherwise you will have the disk head madly
Yes, two drives, physically different. E: ist 250 GB, F: 400 GB.

I'll purge some 'e's from the temp-trm then and see...

Changing the architecture altogether could be one of the next steps.

The reason for coupling the temp and target files on the same disk / partition
was given here some years ago: That the files that would land in the target
directory in the end are composed piece by piece in the temp files, and that
moving them to the target then means just a change in the FAT. Isn't that
true any more on NTFS formatted disks (not sure to which generation this
old wisdom related).



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