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Ulrich G. Kliegis

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Datum: Sun, 6 Mar 2011 17:29:20 -0000
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Just to check, you /do/ have a tmp_directory entry in your


pointing to the same partition as all the other receive
How could this box run for years without the tmp definition in the
parameters section - don't ask me why, when, how, this recv.ini file
was ported from installation to installation... At least, there was
no tmp_directory entry.
Yes, it may be that you need to add this entry by hand.

Hmm, Alan Sewards says it is not necessary since the pointers are in the
recv-channels.ini file.

I don't dare to ask, who's right, but rather, what is recommended?


[EUMETSAT Data Channel 2]

You are correct that with the data on different disks, one common entry in
recv.ini would not provide the best solution. By the way: I hope that is
two different physical disks, otherwise you will have the disk head madly
Yes, two drives, physically different. E: ist 250 GB, F: 400 GB.



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