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I think it should read "tmp_directory" instead of "temp_directory" in
danke für den Kommentar, but temp... seems to be the pregiven spelling in
the original sample, as I have it here.

Reducing the max rate to 20E6 did not change anything.

I also commented out EPS 5 temporarily - (almost) no effect. at least, in this
phase (about 15:50 UT) the rate of not-recovered packets grew.
Switching off a Dexatrek USB receiver (same as the world box) being
connected to a different PC two meters (about 6.7 ft) away, - no effect (I
suspected the open output socket, but it wasn't the culprit yet.) Connecting
the LNB cable shielding to a solid ground - nothing.

Ernst, the (temporary) temp_directory in recv.ini was derived from David's

Alan, the board "looks good", no bad elcaps.

I feel a bit embarassed that just mine (out of millions of PCs running David's
software) makes such troubles. Hadn't I installed MRTG, everything would
look fine... :)


When I google for "tmp_directory" or "temp_directory" and "recv.ini" I still beleive it should read "tmp_directory" ...

I looked up the proposal of a common "tmp_directory" under [parameters] in recv.ini on David's site. It seem possible but as you have the MSG1 and EPS data on different paritions or even Disks, this is really a bad idea. You must have the tmp_directory on the disk and partition where you finally put the data: As soon as a file is complete in the "tmp_directory" it will be moved to it's final place. If this is on the same partition only the "name" entry will be adjusted. If it's an another partition the whole data has to be recopied and the original data deleated. Not good ...

Hope this helps.


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