Re: not yet perfect, but...

Ulrich G. Kliegis

I'm wondering whether the
cause of the loss is something not even associated with the PC, such
as some radio-frequency interference getting into the IF channel.
Perhaps something from the port at Kiel, just across from you? I
expect you have already made sure that the connectors are not loose.
at the same time that I re-adjusted the EB9 LNB, I now also re-positioned
the LNBs for ASTRA and Hotbird. Although the receiver shows 98% signal
strength there and 92% quality (whatever that means) there are
someartifacts in the video image. But that may still be due to some position
error. I'll have to investigate that. The LNBs are phasically and galvanically
totaly separate for TV and Eumetcast, though. Just the cable shields meet
at some distinct earthing point.

I then suspected noise from a DECT phone nearby the dish. Switching it off
(completely) did not show any effect.

The dish does not point to the harboujr at all, and there is nothing in the
heighbourhood that could cause any interference.

At the moment, I feel a bit stranded.


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