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David J Taylor

this morning, mst.defrag finished restructuring the two collection disks. I
switched them to the watch and defrag mode now, in Smart/M mode. The
missed packets rate is still higher than before starting this operation.

I also cut back the hold times for many formats so that more disk space
remains free now.

And I fine-adjusted the LNB position to the maximum strength level.

Just as a status report.

Ulrich, I'm looking at the graphs here:

and wondering whether what we see as TelliCast statistics might actually be something else, whether the recording in is error. If you look at the TelliCast HTML Shell, Statistics menu, do you actually see a large number of "Missed Packets before FEC" and "FEC Recovered Packets"? It seems like you are getting - on average - perhaps 200 missed and recovered an hour, which is 2 or 3 a minute. However, it does also seem that most missed packets are recovered.

Just to check, you /do/ have a tmp_directory entry in your recv.ini:


pointing to the same partition as all the other receive directories?

With the sort of errors I see, it's a small packet rate loss which can be recovered, anything higher is not recovered. I'm wondering whether the cause of the loss is something not even associated with the PC, such as some radio-frequency interference getting into the IF channel. Perhaps something from the port at Kiel, just across from you? I expect you have already made sure that the connectors are not loose.

If it /is/ the PC, then for what it's worth, on the less powerful PCs here which doing EUMETCast reception, but not used interactively, even though they are connected to the LAN they run without firewall, virus or malware protection - i.e. they run with the very minimum operating system. On the other hand, a quad-core PC is running nominally without loss, receive and processing, even though it has Windows Defender and Microsoft Security Essentials installed, and runs the Windows-7 firewall. I've even run multi-hour video format conversions on that PC without affecting EUMETCast! Might be worth checking that the hard disks are not IDE ones working in PIO mode (although the higher CPU load would usually show that straight away, and you haven't reported high CPU, as I recall).

Note that some of the commercial security suites can be very intrusive. I also found that a "manufacturer's" Windows installation can bring in a lot of unwanted software, and I normally will install from plain Windows disks instead, to avoid this.

I would normally aim to keep a hard-disk not more than about 75% full.

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