Re: not yet perfect, but...

David J Taylor


I mentioned in a mail a few weeks ago that a completely new mstdefrag
version is to be released sometime in the future. However it is not yet
available and the download version is still 3.6 which should work fine with
the 2.4.4 client, but not of course (with the not to be released) 2.5.17

Thanks, Ian. Looking at their Web site it seemed that 7.0 beta was on offer, but that may have just been their enthusiasm for the newer version. Actually, even version 2.x works with Windows-7.

If it /is/ "completely new", how well it works with TelliCast reception is unknown, and I might therefore be more inclined to steer folk towards one of the free solutions you have been finding and evaluating, as even though they are not continuous defraggers, they seem be gentle and not to interfere with reception on today's PCs.

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