Re: not yet perfect, but...

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Other thoughts.
Is the disk too full? need to keep it less than 75% even better 50%.
Well, about 30% free, pretty stable.

Is the Hard Drive dying?
Nope, no signs of that, no read-write-problems that normally signify that.

What I cannot exclude is fragmentation, but defragging a 250 G disk is
questionable anyway. On the previous machine, I had a continuous
defragmenter running. It cost more ressources than it could contribute -
switching it off finally reduced the missing files count. But that was on the
old, slow box.

Keep Tellicast on a seperate drive to
processing programs.
You mean the Tellicast programs or its digestive tract?
First, I have a ramdisk running.
then, the satellite-specific receiving/ and received/ directories are on the
same drives (physically) as the target folders are, so, data don't have to be
moved, just re-adjustments of the file pointers in the disk administration. All
disks are NTFS.

Keep processing programs in their own folder and
not default 'Program Files'.
That one is new to me. You say, I should move, say, MSGadmin out of its
\programs\DJTsoftware\MSG1\ context to, say, ..\MSG1\ ?

What is the difference?

Thanks, and cheers!


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