Re: not yet perfect, but...

Ulrich G. Kliegis

May well help - I try and run as much stuff as I can at lower priority
David (and others!),
last night, I checked the settings of my receiver again. Then, one idea hit me
- you may remember that I had to freshly install it last year. Did I think of
switching Windows' indexing function off? Nope. What followed, was two
hours of intensive re-asserting file properties on two HDDs. While that was
running, I saw that there were tons of old directories on the two disks (one
works for MSG, the other for NOAA and Metop). Purging those put some
additional strain on the r/w-heads in the disk drives. You see these activities
reflected in the missed packets graph of last night. Then - silence. Quiet
disks, and no missed packets in the graph. Well. That lasted a few minutes.
Then the grass started growing again, and I am back to normal now. At
least, the CPU usage has decreased, while it rested on 100% for a second
or two yesterday, about every few seconds, then fell back to 0 to 5%, 100%
appears in short peaks now only.

I also re-arranged the virtual memory, it is on a otherwise not used partition
right now (but physically on the same drive like C:\).

Acronis Backup operates only once per week, so, that can be ruled out too.
No virus protection, no service that eats ressources.

I can't believe yet that my system is insufficient for this job.


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