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David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

Note that we are in the solar outage period right now, so the peak in
missed packets on my system in the last day or two is due to solar
noise getting into the receiving chain, in my case around 11:30 UTC.
That's about 11:42 here (which is only intuitively paradox, gemetrically
correct, if my navigating intuition doesn't fail...)
Yes, it took me a moment, but as I am further west, my antenna looks further east, so the sun will be in the beam of my antenna before it's in the beam of your more west-facing antenna. EB-9 is at 165 degrees azimuth from Edinburgh.

Yes, I'll trace that for another day or two. It can be the backup program, I
could run that with a reduced priority.
May well help - I try and run as much stuff as I can at lower priority here.

Speaking of priorities, I happened to look at the active processes in sysmon
on the receiver. First, I saw that server4 PC exists there twice, both
instances running with priority set to normal. tc-recv is there twice as well,
one running with prio set to 'high', the other 'higher than normal'. I never
changed anything there, so that's probably standard.
Yes, that's normal.

All PCs run at 100 Mb/s here.

The LAN activities seem to be pretty low, just the peak after switching on the
viewing machine is prominent, the rest rather unspectacular, I think.

I'll re-check the recv.ini settings. The totally constant FSY size puzzles me.

I think, the front end (skystar) does not need much more attention, otherwise
the BER should be much higher.

It is really surprising how much analysis can be done from remote based on
that few pixels... :) Highly complex communication with lots of a priori
knowledge - and much more a posteriori to come... :)


The FSY size will be constant, or at least monotonically increasing in normal use. Every time there is some data it needs to store, it puts it into one or other of the FSY files, and it never fives that space back to the OS. If some larger data comes in (e.g. VGT4Africa) the FSY size will increase, but not drop back afterwards. The newer 2.5.17 TelliCast client handles things completely differently, but has a few bugs in handing back space...

I find with the 2.6x cards that the signal has to be very bad for a non-zero BER reading - that's why the BER section of my graphs is restricted (mostly) to 2.3 cards which had either a more sensitive BER indication or were poorer performers, or both!

I'm glad that you've found the effort you put into monitoring is now giving some worthwhile feedback.

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