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David J Taylor

I'll readjust the dish today (hopefully). Should help with the missed packets.


Judging by your graphs, Ulrich, it seems you may have made an adjustment around 13:00 UTC.

Missed packets are usually caused by too high a load on your system, in particular:

- network IO
- CPU load
- disk I/O

For most systems, adding a RAMdisk on which to store the FSY files reduces the susceptibility to these overloads down to a level where there are but a few missed packets a day, as you can see here:

Note that we are in the solar outage period right now, so the peak in missed packets on my system in the last day or two is due to solar noise getting into the receiving chain, in my case around 11:30 UTC.

See whether the graph of missed packets has peaks that correspond to other activity on the PC. On your combined graph, for example, shift the missed packet graph to be under the throughput graph, and I think you will see a correlation.

The peaks at about 06:30 UTC and 12:55 UTC look to be due to a different activity.

If you have a two-PC setup with a LAN connection, you might want to check that the LAN on the receiver PC is set to 100Mb/s rather than 1Gb/s, as I've found that it can cause problems working at the higher-speed, possibly due to "interrupt coalescing". Note that changing the LAN speed /may/ cause the interface number to change, so a power-down reboot after that would restore the old numbers.

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