EnviHam File Browser


Although not strictly a MSG topic, we may have some EnviHam (an experimental project for reception of EnviSat images similar to EUMETCast) users on this group, so this may be of interest.

As I mentioned on the GEO-Subscribers group recently, I've written a browser for EnviHam files, called, unimaginatively, EnviHamBrowser. This makes it quicker and easier to see their coverage, and then to select one or more to be opened in the ESA-supplied VISAT viewer. Unfortunately VISAT, although it does show coverage, is rather slow in opening files (at least on my setup).

EnviHamBrowser is available for download on my www site at


together with its user guide, if anyone would like to try it. Please read the user guide for installation instructions.

(If you have already downloaded the original version 0.1.0, please update to the new version 0.1.1 which fixes a problem with incorrect views on images longer than 1 orbit.)

I haven't had the opportunity to test it on a lot of systems, so you will be doing a valuable beta test. Please let me know of any problems or comments.

Francis Breame

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