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Alan Sewards


In your mail of 24 Feb, you gave your recv-channels.ini file and the relevant block is:

#METOP AVHRR Data channel EPS-10

In my opinion, this block is quite correct. The title line (there for humans) is commented with the #, so is ignored by the software. The crucial two lines required for the computer are present and correct. The only thing following from this is that you must look for incoming files in the folder C:\received\EPS-10, and NOT in the folder with the same name in the C:\Program Files\T Systems\Business TV-IP tree.

Best regards - Alan S

On 03/03/2011 10:44 AM, Geoffrey Gee wrote:

In rec channels.ini the line Metop AVHRR is not commented . Is this
relevant to my troubles ?

No useful news from Eumetsat as yet..

Best Regards.....Geoffrey


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