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David J Taylor

Just added FSY size and missed packets graphs. See
I just tried, and got: "Hier entsteht eine neue Internetpr�senz! ", but I'm sure you meant:

I've added your packet loss (which should be much nearer zero, by the way).

Is there a simple and not too resources-hungry way to determine the free
space on the HDDs? I'd like to plot that too, if possible.


(if you wonder what "rummelecke" is and don't find in your dictionary - that's
right. It is a family-idiom, standing for corners where unsorted items
sedimentate. My office is such a place...)

There are some notes on disk space here:

and it's not really satisfactory. You can get the disk used, but not the percent used, and not the disk free. Even worse, the entries are an index into the disk table, and those entry numbers change if, for example, you plug in a USB memory stick. I've not found an easy way to do this in Perl (without add 3rd party modules), so I really should write a small Delphi program with takes one or two HD names as parameters (e.g. C: E:), and has an option to return percent used, percent free, MB used or MB free as the integer result. Maybe one day? Maybe someone else would write something?

I upload at 15 minute intervals - sort of consistent with Meteosat-9 scans, but the more frequent the better.

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