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Ian Deans

Duncan, if you have a RAMdisk of 299 Mb your file_database_size should be no more than 313 Mb and preferably between 310 and 313 Mb.

If your file_database_size is larger than your RAMdisk it will likely shutdown Tellique for a few seconds and start the RAMdisk full again and that will cause some losses. The size of your RAMdisk is actually 299 x 1024 divided by 1000 twice which equals 313.52 Mb.

However more of a worry is why your RAMdisk is being used up so quickly and you really need to find the reason for this.

Hope that helps.


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Hi From this morning i have just started to recieve CMA and all was well for a couple of hours with no problems until i came back to the pc and noticed that i had a string of red Ts and one pink T all data had stopped so i looked at the ramdisc which i have set at 299mb and it had 260mb left so was not full .i dont know if i have set the file_database_size correct maybe this is the problem i would apreciate the size i need to set if possible.If i take out
[EUMETSAT Data Channel 11]all runs ok again any ideas would be apreciated Best Regards Duncan

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