Re: not yet perfect, but...

David J Taylor

Just give me a shout in time, a view of the locks is 5 minutes walk from
I'll let you know nearer the time.

I just finished doing the re-scaling and re-labeling work, should match your
preferences now too.

My maxbytes is set to 5.000.000 now, which is 40 Mbits/s. Average values
seem to be far from that.

The "unscaled" command seems to do just the opposite, or am I logically
mirrored? My understanding was that "scaled" would refer to the maxbytes
value, uncaled to no fixed value. It works just the other way round, I think.
But I never understood sys admins, so, don't worry... :)

I have to apologize too for getting behind in the updating of the german
versions. Let's communicate that in PMs please in the next time...

Who said too many ideas too little time here some hours ago?

May I ask, Ulrich, that you revert to bytes per second? Whilst I agree that bits/second may be a more logical unit in this case, as virtually all the other graphs are in bytes, having your in bytes as well makes for an easier comparison. Don't worry about the scaling, as it's now OK.

"Unscaled" - means "don't alter the scaling to match the data", so "AGC off" if you like.

When you have time to update the German translations, just get in touch, but there haven't been any major changes, as far as I know, just a few extra words and phrases.

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