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David J Taylor GM8ARV 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 🇪🇺

David, the graphs should be 600 pixels wide now. There seem to be two
ways to achieve that: a), as you mentioned, setting xsize (100 less than the
desired width) b) there is an CLI option for the perl - indexmaker program
contained in the package that allows to set the width as well - whereas I am
not sure if that would just rescale the png file.

So, please check the new size now. As you see, I also arranged them in one
column now.
Yes, that's fine. Using the XSize means that that actual image will be 600 pixels, and it's not rescaled from 500 pixels. I haven't used the indexmaker program you mention. It would be nice if you could let the throughput graph rescale automatically, though. Here's the essence of what I have:

Target[Alta_DVB]: 15:public@Alta
MaxBytes[Alta_DVB]: 12500000
Options[Alta_DVB]: unknaszero, growright, noo

I was irritated by the short SNR reduction at 11:40 UT today, then saw that
others had registered that too, but those farther in the south to a lesser til no
extent. Sun-colinearity with EB9?

BTW, I started mrtg with wperl instead of perl now, one window less, and no
accidental killing of the monitoring.

Yes, that's co-linearity at your end with EB9. You could even compare the times and the depths to track the sun across Europe!

I set the taskbar to auto-hide, so I don't normally see the MRTG window. I set the icon to be the MRTG icon rather than the command-prompt icon, to further reduce the chance of closing the wrong window.

I'm sure others will find your monitoring useful, as you are now the only station in Germany. I was surprised to find you so far north, actually! We pass through the Kiel Kanal in later May, overnight and not stopping unfortunately, but will will give you a wave!

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