Re: s o l v e d ! write permission for rateup.exe - was: Getting MRTG to work

Ulrich G. Kliegis

Amazes me that in /any/ operating system you can simply overwrite an
existing file by doing the operation:

rename <my-new-file> <your-existing-file>

Oh, well!
exactly my thoughts. I guess that that's to be understood as a macro
standing for something like

rename <existing> <sorted_out>
rename <new.tmp> <existing>
delete <sorted_out>

plus some if_error-workarounds...

It ran overnight here now in the daemonized version (of course I had yet to
try that last night), and the results look pretty much like the ones on your
collection page.

I am still not sure about the scaling of the dvb-traffic graph. It either looked
like a fine scottish golf green or like a corn field on dope. I scaled it to 48
Mbits/s now which seems to catch peaks and still shows enough detail. I
understand that all these values are average counts, so, the single fast burst
won't appear, right?

I'll be back with more questions, hopefully not about external bugs...


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