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Just need to tie up a few loose ends on some of the software,

1st with the MSG animator how do i get the false colour as all my animations have been in black and white not sure how to activate the false colour option.

2nd when using METOP manager can you confirm the channals needed to activate in the recv channals-ini, i believe its EPS 10 and EPS 15, needed to get METOP and GAC, when i remove the hash for EPS 15 nouthing is being received when checked in active channals, all fine with EPS 10.

3rd what channals are needed for the AVHRR manager.




As questions about my software, these would be more appropriately asked in the SatSignal Yahoo group:

(1) To use the colour LUTs, be sure to select Video processing "None", and ensure that GeoSatSignal has been installed on run once on the same PC.

(2) Metop AVHRR is on [EPS-10], and NOAA-19 GAC on [EPS-15]. Make sure these are sent to separate directories in your recv-channels.ini. NOAA-GAC data may not be continuous - there should be a 30 minute gap or more between orbits.

(3) EARS data is on [EUMETSAT Data Channel 1]

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