Re: re defrag

Alan Banks <alan@...>

Hi Duncan,

Your PC spec seems similar to mine. Although I process all the msg stuff on the Rx PC, the Metop/AVHRR & Modis is processed on another. If losses are only an issue when running defrag - try as I do run Auslogics defrag (its free)at night and see what happens. One could always start and stop Metop Manager using the command line before and after the defrag as one way of reducing the load.
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On 27/02/2011 16:34, Duncan Edwards wrote:
Thanks for the support James..Ian..Alan.Yes i have found that when the program goes into defrag mode then the missing segments start. So as a test today from 2pm today i have stopped the program and all seems well .I also had the dreded red t also when the program was engaged this only happened until the program went into standby then all was well once again .I am one of the few that run on a one pc system so this might be the problem .I have a reasonable machine with an athlon 3000+ processor,,2gb ddr2 ram and a 500mb graphics card running windows xp with 2 250gb h drives. i recieve metop/msg/and avhrr only so i have not had much trouble until now.....Thanks Duncan

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