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James Brown

In message <ikddc9+klb5@...>, Duncan Edwards <sueandunc@...> writes
Hi Could anyone please advise on which defrag program to use . At this time i am running Smart Defrag2 but since this was installed i seem to have an issue with occasional missing segments. Any Help would be apreciated.
Best Regards Duncan
Hello Duncan
I'm using smartdefrag2 on a Windows 7 64bit machine - and don't see missing segments. The prog runs on auto-defrag with a RAM drive excluded, and the defrag timer (for no CPU usage) set to minimum. This way it does a defrag about every three hours.

I used MST as well in the past which worked fine - but the older one wasn't suitable for a modern machine.

Can you see from the log if there is a correlation between the defrag times and the missing segments?


James Brown

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